Vospertron Neon Dance Performance

Creative presentations for corporate events using neon dancers and motion graphics. Our Glow show uses the latest wearable LED technology and employs interactive screen content to give a hi tech performance. 


Building Awards Auckland, New Zealand 2013

Customized show created for the Commercial Building Awards gala dinner. 

Our client wanted from us a customized show suited to the gala dinner's occasion. We created for them 3D animated bulldozers, earth movers, diggers, escalators, concrete trucks and virtual buildings, finishing with the 3D treatment of our client's logo.

Wares Awards 2007 Auckland, New Zealand

Using a seven projector Watchout system on a 20 meter wide screen to create three different shows for the awards evening

Firstly, in our opening we explored the new digital landscape of modern appliances by creating a virtual factory.

Then we developed a high energy pure entertainment dance and light performance followed by a light-hearted  show with a computer game coming to life around the audience's tables and stage.

product assembly

product assembly


Loreal Colour Awards 2010 Melbourne, Australia

With a great set-up of multiple moving LED screens and a perfect blacked out theatre, we designed a series of amazing performances throughout the awards night.

Using neon props, costume hair additions and high contrast graphics, we made one show for the opening and three award category's openings.

We also had the challenge of revealing the cat walk models into a full lighting state from our dark stage set-up, which we achieved using the Moving LED screens.


Vospertron Loreal Melborne2010HD (0-01-17-22).jpg
Vospertron Loreal Melborne2010HD (0-01-02-10).jpg
Vospertron Loreal Melborne2010HD (0-01-31-21).jpg