Vospertron was founded in 2002 by Peter Vosper, an engineer, graphic designer and dancer that decided to create his own company to develop this collaboration. His techniques electronic costumes and motion graphics developed and grew during the last 15 years, making Vospertron one of the most respected glow dance groups worldwide.

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Peter Vosper

As an Engineer turned Artist Peter enjoys the creative challenges from creating unique technological performance art. The multidisciplinary aspects of his work has kept him focused on the Vospertron business over the last 15 years. 

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Felix Shaefer

Berlin Head of department Marketing and Production.  

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Geof Gilson

Geoff Gilson is a diverse physical performer straddling circus, dance, theatre, and performance art, and has been performing with Vospertron since its inception.  

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Kim Whalen

Art and costume design , with training in fine arts Kim keeps our costumes to a high standard. Her extensive skills from fine jewellery creation allow her to cover the range of design to microprocessor work. 



Performer extraordinaire Adrian can deliver clever dialog whilst holding a one handed handstand and that's just a warm up ! 


James Gilliland

James is our software developer creating code for costume control and led pattern animation. If we need graphics macros and animation controller code he creates with efficiency and speed.