About us

The Company

We are a professional dance troupe who specialize in live technological performances.  To create spectacular shows we use interactive projections and glowing costumes to transport viewers into a fantastical world. Every show we create is customized for its purpose, whether it's a new car launch or an interactive audience performance. Our goal is to bring a sense of style to LED dance activations with elegant costumes, immersive graphics, and music. 

The Crew

Vospertron was founded by Peter Vosper, an engineer, graphic designer and dancer that decided to create his own company to develop this collaboration. His interest and techniques for el wire costumes grew during the years, making Vospertron to become one of the most respected glow dance groups worldwide. 


Mariana Rinaldi works beside him, managing the everyday creative demands of the clients agenda, choreographing andproducing shows with a flawless result every time.