Stage Shows

We create a unique performance for every client, based around their theme, staging and projection requirements.  Our creative services can range from completely re-developed costumes, graphics, choreography and music to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show from our repertoire.  The technical requirements of our shows range in complexity, from a simple dark space, to a multi-projector surround sound laser set-up.  We have developed our own wireless micro-processor based computer link between the costumes, graphics, sound and props. This gives our troupe the perfect timing required to create stunning shows.

Motion Graphics

We create media Vospertron studio has a talent pool of 3D artists, game developers, video compositors and editors.  We create a visual and audio experience that interacts with the live performers to deliver the client's message. By having the live performers always interacting with the theme the audience becomes immersed in a vicarious experience that is unavailable with AV alone.

We offer a range of options from a complex live motion capture driving game engine graphics to simple logo and product insertion. 


Commission of LED Art, Costumes and Props

Our team are experienced in LED, fiber Optics, El Wire. The LED costumes are video mapped so they can programed to display any colour and patterns. Watch as the background graphics and logos slip into the costumes of the dancers.  This is the technology to create spectacular light art.