We create a unique performance for every client, based around their theme, staging and projection requirements.

Our creative services can range from completely re-developed costumes, graphics, choreography and music to a simple logo or slogan insertion to an existing show from our repertoire.

The technical requirements of our shows range in complexity, from a simple dark space, to a multi-projector surround sound laser set-up. 

We have developed our own wireless micro-processor based computer link between the costumes, graphics, sound and props. This gives our troupe the perfect timing required to create stunning shows.


Telecom Road Show

Telecom Road Show


Our team provides a service for costume design and logo construction as well as prop making.

We can create a glow suit that fits perfectly with our client's ideas for a specific event or campaign.

We can also customize our existing costumes to add logos or key features.  We have experience with LED, Elwire, and Laser technologies and the know how to incorporate them into durable costumes and sculptures.


7 projectors tron assembly line

7 projectors tron assembly line


Vospertron studio has a talent pool of 3D artists, video compositors and editors and we design the client's graphics for the shows, working within their brief for the event or campaign. 

We can work with front or rear projection, however we advise our clients that by employing LED screens the ultimate 'WOW' experience can be guaranteed.